Nerd around

Being a nerd is often hard. So I decided to split my personality in two: my innovator’s personality and my nerdy personality.

The innovator connected to the solarpunk movement. Solarpunk is the positive vision in opposite to Cyberpunk, whose forcast is a dystopia with surveillance, lawlessness and poverty. Solarpunk says innovation and solidarity will solve the deadly threats of climate change. They work in a discoursive way, they want to tell other stories of the apocalypse. As you can read on wikipedia they promote technology, aesthetics and imagination.

Solarpunks are also nerds, but sane ones.

Many nerds, however, suffer with the same problems as trolls. Depression, autism, schizophrenia and all the comorbidic problems that come around. For me it was hard to work on that in Chaos Computer Club because they did not want to discuss that due to secret service problems. To make it clearer: if there comes a woman that says there are social problems in our social system because of activists’ psychological defects, that will be the woman’s problem and not the problem of the guy facing surveillance by the NSA. Could be that some hackers would have rather let me die than helping me.

So nerdism is more insane like solarpunk. Nerds are more on the Cyberpunk-side. Depressed, facing the chaos, darkish.

Black is a nice color to wear and darkness has also its good sides. Not all hackers are idiots. Not all hackers are helpless in facing their paradoxies. There are hackers who can love.

One of them said to me he liked my nerdy website so I did not erase it. A good continuity.

I will play with my website and also with some hackers later.

Have fun thinking about my two websites and also about my two personalities. Maybe there are more.

One for the trees. One for the lights. One for the nerds. One for all of that.

Who knows?

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