Down the digital dungeon

Reminds of a very very old website header I had 20 years ago

Since I left Twitter my world has changed. I would not have dreamt of that. Although I always predicted in my internet troll researches that advertisements, stressful webdesign and lies drive bad mood.

Or how another hacker said once: “knowledge brings fear”. Too much information, short term updates are not good. One the other hand you can use services like twitter if you are bored to get some sensation. It depends on your interest.

For me Mastodon is fitting. I started with an infosec group I knew from CCCCamp. Their village is the greatest place within all the camp. They are really cool non ideologic people that can tell amazing stories concerning server racks in first nation’s reservations and IT security situations in German finance industry. Guys attending high class hacker events like ph-neutral or DefCon. Greyhats. I joined them when I saw an eGovernment influencer is also with them. It was a good start on Mastodon, they provided a great app and a cool style.

Of course it went weird. I am better in talking than in silence. Making dark fun is always a thing for me so I had to leave.

Then the real roleplay started because I joined a discordian instance. Mastodon is more decentralised than Twitter, every instance is a little bit different. You can have instances for librarians, for greens, for ..anything that is moreless left.

The discordian movement is a memetic hackers movement. In general it provides an alternative to patriarchy. To be successful with this, of course you need new spirituality. So they invented a real new feministic postcolonial hackers religion based on ancient Greek myths. Sherife! (Prost, Enchanté, A votre santé in Arabic). You can read more about this way of life on Wikipedia.

As my new name I chose Julia Pink because I like the song “Zukunft Pink” by Peter Fox. If you think of Paul Auster’s City of Glass or Reservoir Dogs maybe you remember figures named “Agent Pink”, “Agent Blue” and, of course, “Agent Orange” where this idea maybe* comes from. There is also a porno actress in Germany who also chose the name “Julia Pink”.


So I can have my calm hackers lifestyle now. As you could eventually remark I changed the blog’s theme a little. Now it is not McLuhan any more, I changed to Beaumont, also by Anders Norén who is a great designer I can highly suggest.

If you think of McLuhan you may think of the global village and if you use this model for Twitter maybe it is good to have changed the design. Frank Rieger wrote a good article about this.

I will try some JavaScript now, because my new solarpunk website is running a contact form that is not working at the moment. And I also want to program a random picture bot, concrete a carousel horse pic bot that is posting periodically random carousel horse pics from Flickr. Everyone does their own stuff. If you have a look on my website in 2006, you see everything is great in those days and maybe there’s not much to add to be perfect. So it is obvious that I have to program that carousel horse bot.

Did not decide yet which programming language for this bot. I am interested in Pyton, Java and of course in Julia.

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