Green Garden Project

Being a former politician for the German Greens, so it is interesting for me what kind of people get elected and how they organise politics. Some people say, they lost their heart. Some people say, they lost it in 1991. Some people say the Greens gained more humanity by silencing their leftists.

I don’t know.

What I know is that I want to work for diversity, nature and for a society in which people help each other and also communicate in an interested manner.

So our local group started a garden project.

A new sport for me

We want to get in touch with nature, with each other and maybe also with ourselves, we want to think about the politics of nature, and, of course, harvest tasty fruit. Oh, and we have a blog!

2 responses

  1. Schön, dass Du da warst und extra aus Hamburg gekommen bist.

  2. Ach, das Problem ist da eigentlich nur das Geld, ist ja direkt um die Ecke. Hoffe daher um so mehr auf das 49-Euro-Ticket.